Beyond a game: I AM PLAYR

I love football games. That is a fact. I dare not think how much time I have spent playing the likes of FIFA or Football Manager over the years. 

The latest game set to ruin my life is I AM PLAYR, which lets you experience the life of a footballer through the eyes of a footballer. It is a Facebook game and after some early scepticism I am getting into it.

Basically, your objective is to increase your value as a player by raising your profile both on and off the pitch. Whether your are scoring on the pitch or off it, professionally-made videos help compliment the gameplay.

You start by signing your first contract for fictional side River Park FC as a young striker. From that point onwards your future career is in your hands.

The coach takes you to the 3D training ground where you’re able to hone your shooting skills ahead of match days. The when Saturday comes, the action switches to the Goal Mouth football show where Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend comment on your performance within the game.

As and when you get an opening on goal the action switches from the studio onto the 3D pitch, where you have your opportunity to bury your chance. I’ve not quite perfected that bit yet but I am getting there.

I have partnered up with I AM PLAYR to give all users that visit my site 50 free coins (which is worth £2.99), and please use this promotion code PL4YR0306 when you go to add coins into your game (this code expires on 03/06/11).

Give it a go, I think you’ll like it.


2 thoughts on “Beyond a game: I AM PLAYR

  1. Good interviews and Saints related information, I’ve enjoyed the site so far.

    p.s. I gave IAMPLAYR a try but its awful – not intuitive, full of bugs, Inuity browser keeps crashing and there’s no information on how to play the game. A bit like watching Saints from an early age really, but I don’t fancy investing another 25+ years to figure this one out.

  2. the code really helped time wise, but i’ve run out of them. don’t suppose u have any other codes avaliable, cause it would be a massive help

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