The next Sky Sports presenter?

Just before 5pm on January 25, 2011, I decided to start my own mini Twitter drive to get James Richardson back on our screens.

It all stemmed from my dear friend Gurpreet Virk and I sharing the belief that Richardson of Football Italia and Guardian podcast fame deserves to be the new man at Sky Sports.

From there I began the hashtag: #richardson4sky. Then it went viral.

From a small acorn grew a mighty oak, with support coming from the general public as well as media big dogs, including the likes of Sid Lowe, Jim Boardman, Sean Ingle, Janine Self and Dan Brennan. Even Iain McIntosh got in on the debate.

While it died down as the evening progressed, at its peak ‘James Richardson’ became one of the top eight most-talked about subjects in the UK and ‘#richardson4sky’ was trending across the land, according to @TrendsUK.

It was never meant to get that big but I’m kind of proud that it did.

And now Keys and Gray have departed, lets hope it has even the merest of influence on the Sky head honchos.


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